Looking Back at Destination Brew Fest

Last June, Vista Brewing hosted the first annual Destination Brew Fest on their scenic grounds. This boutique beer festival benefitted the Texas Brewshed Alliance and featured a wonderful slew of lager and farmhouse beers from many of our favorite local breweries. We attended this festival with a single roll of Kodak Portra 800 and our interest piqued. 

Lager Jam 6

It’s Monday and it feels like it. That’s why we’re thinking about our weekend and wishing it hadn’t flown by. But we spent it having fun and that has a way of speeding life along. That and copious amount of lagers in late July in Tejas, thanks to the fine folks that run Austin Beer Guide.

Tavour Tasting II

You’ve been planning a trip to that brewery for years. You’ve been lurking the trade forums trying to find someone to post a bottle from that brewery that you’ve been wanting. You’re hoping for that brewery to start distributing to your area. You’re waiting, you’re patient, and they say that good things come to those that wait. 

SABW: Midweek Party

I’m not saying that the reason I start projects such as Fantom Kitchen and SA Beer Magazine is just so that I can have fun. Further, I most definitely don’t get involved in things like San Antonio Beer Week solely to party with the community. These are very serious matters to me and I am definitely all business.