Carnivals, Cowboys, and Craft


Words and photos: JoMando Cruz

The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is in full swing (from February 7 to February 24, 2019) and you’d be forgiven for wondering why the hell we’re notifying you. You’d also be forgiven for dismissing this because the rodeo is a destitute domestic and big beer wasteland. It’s this latter point that we want to address. 

Thankfully the AT&T Center has some local craft beer options. Who hasn’t enjoyed this availability while attending a Spurs game? But let’s face it, many people attend the rodeo for admission to the grounds so as to partake in the carnival and fried foods. Not everybody attends the actual rodeo; as such, not everybody has access to the AT&T Center’s craft options. 

We’re happy to report that this is not true. There is one other place where you can satisfy your craft beer cravings while indulging in everything else the rodeo provides—the HEB Craft Beer Taproom. We visited the rodeo grounds to check out this taproom tent and were happy to see local selections represented in the over 20 available taps. 

The space proved to be a welcome break from the rest of the crowds and the grounds—plenty of seating, warm lighting, endless peanuts, and live music. And a full carnival right outside? The makings of a swell night, if you ask us. 

The HEB Craft Beer Taproom hours are as follows:

Sunday: 11am - 7pm
Monday - Wednesday: 4pm - 10pm
Thursday - Friday: 4pm - Midnight
Saturday: 10am - Midnight

*Presidents Day (2/18): 2pm - 10pm
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