Collaboration Club


I’m accompanying Indy Coffee Co. folk to Boerne on a late December morning just before the holidays, and the stop-and-go traffic on I-10 affords us plenty of opportunity to be late for today’s brew day. But it also fosters great discussion about coffee, beer, coffee and beer, and finally, coffee in beer. 

Our destination is Cibolo Creek Brewing Co. and we've got a growler fill of cold brew coffee in hand for Indy and Cibolo Creek’s collaboration coffee beer. Along the way, we discuss the merits of adding cold brew coffee (it’s smoother, mellower, and less bitter) during kegging (greater control over flavor), among other things. And when we arrive, we find Cibolo Creek’s head brewer, Ty Wolosin, has already started the mash. For the next several hours, we muse about Boerne breakfast tacos, the ABV we want to exceed to have an imperial stout (9%), the ABV to exceed for the beer to deserve a heavy metal name (11%), and if the yeast will arrive in time for pitching (it does). 

Three months after this brew day, Indy and Cibolo Creek are ready to tap their whisky barrel-aged coffee stout this Saturday, March 17, at the brewpub in Boerne. Dubbed the Club Stout, it’s an imperial stout brewed with lactose, brown sugar, and chocolate, then barrel-aged for 3 months in a whisky barrel with cold brew coffee added during kegging. Cibolo Creek will also have a special dessert inspired by the Club Stout, a stout cake with cold brew mousse created in collaboration with Indy’s Chef Kenny Loo.


A nearly two-year friendship between Indy and Cibolo Creek have led to this occasion. Before this collaboration, Indy has brought their mobile espresso bar to Cibolo Creek for Sunday brunches. They’re also part of a motor club founded by Cibolo Creek’s Josh Mazour. Waiting for the right time to brew a coffee stout proved an exercise in patience. But a brew day itself is a patient affair, so we can’t be bothered. Timing is everything—with coffee, with beer, with barrel aging, and with journalism.

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