ISSUE 9 Release Party Recap

Courtesy of Deux South

To celebrate the recent release of Issue 9, we partnered with our friends at The Sporting District for another public tasting during the Pearl Farmers Market. Our fourth event with The Sporting District was a great one and we can’t wait to have another. 

Courtesy of Deux South

Apart from handing out copies of the latest issue, we also got to meet many people who were visiting San Antonio and were impressed by both our beer scene and the fact that we have a craft beer-centric magazine. We also met several locals who were pleasantly surprised that their city has a beer magazine, let alone one releasing its ninth issue. 

We’re thankful for the support from both Alamo Beer Co. and Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery—the former supplied nearly all of the beer for our tasting and the latter helped us to set up and also donated a special beer in a Sporting District growler to pour samples from. 

We sincerely appreciate the hosts as well as our sponsors—they helped make our release event a successful one. We are continuing to celebrate the release of Issue 9 with a very exclusive Big Bend Brewing Co. and SA Beer Magazine giveaway. You’ll need to visit (and follow) us at @sabeermag on Instagram for those details, however. Make sure you do!