Looking Back: Real Ale Oktoberfest 2018

by: JoMando Cruz
Photos: JoMando Cruz (except where noted)

In case you hadn’t heard, Real Ale Brewing Co. (one of our favorite breweries) recently released Double Dry-Hopped Axis. Our allegiance to Hans’ Pils notwithstanding, we’re keen to try this new version of one of our go-to IPAs. 

While everything I just expressed is sincere (and certainly newsworthy), it also serves as the proper segue into the real purpose of this post. DDH Axis has us flashing back to one of our favorite Oktoberfest celebrations of the many we are lucky to choose from. And it’s at—yep—Real Ale’s Blanco brewing facility. 

Capitalizing on the cool weather the first day of Texas fall blessed us with, we loaded an Olympus OM-2n, a Nikon TeleTouch, and a Ricoh 35 EFS with some Fujifilm Superia 400 (and expired Kodak Gold 200) and these are the results. We can only hope we entice you to attend this year’s celebration. Cheers!