North Coast's Laguna Baja

It’s Tuesday, but can we suggest a go-to summer beer? Memorial Day is around the corner, why not look forward to that holiday now? Surely you won’t be prioritizing stouts or old ales as the temperatures climb into the hundreds. (Although if you do, we certainly won’t judge you.) 

Luckily for us, our friends at North Coast Brewing Co. were kind enough to give us the lead on their new year-round offering, Laguna Baja. This Mexican-style dark lager with a malty aroma and a full, creamy body, is the perfect pairing for all of those fajitas that you’re sure to eat at your backyard barbecue. And a stunning label, too—not only does it please the cartographers in our hearts, it’s simply a handsome bottle.

Recently the SA Beer Magazine team got to put Laguna Baja to the outdoor test and spent a sunny afternoon on the back porch telling stories, laughing, and trying to forget the fact that we had a lot of work to do the next day. Turns out that Issue 10 isn’t going to write itself. 

For now, though, we were happy to pause, prepare, and sit back and enjoy a beer amongst good company. We’ll be sure to regularly stock 6-packs of Laguna Baja in our icebox to accompany the oncoming Tejas summer.