Real Ale Oktoberfest 2019


Words and photos: JoMando Cruz

We rarely miss a good party, so we rarely miss any event Real Ale Brewing Co. hosts. This year was no different. Their annual Oktoberfest event has become an annual SA Beer Magazine outing, and it couldn’t come a moment sooner. Taking a break to party is most welcome while we’re in the thick of our work for Issue 10. But I couldn’t help myself—I still documented the festivities. The work never stops!


One of the unique aspects about our upcoming Issue 10 is that I’m shooting it entirely on 35mm film. This endeavor prompted me to add a few more cameras to the arsenal. In particular, I recently purchased a Nikon F3. I already have two SLRs (a Canon A1 and an Olympus OM-2N), but one of them (the Olympus) is out of commission at the moment. I found a great deal on said F3, a camera I’ve always wanted, so I went for it. To my surprise, the seller threw in 4 rolls of (very) expired Fuji Superia 400. 


Real Ale’s Oktoberfest proved to be the perfect event to put the camera through its paces. And being an event we’ve documented before, I felt fine rolling the dice on the expired film knowing full well that the results could be less than ideal. To that end, here are a few of my favorite images from the day. The film quality notwithstanding, we’re happy to relive the fun we experienced that day (through an extra nostalgic filter).