SABW: Midweek Party

Words: Harrison Civick
Photos: JoMando Cruz


I’m not saying that the reason I start projects such as Fantom Kitchen and SA Beer Magazine is just so that I can have fun. Further, I most definitely don’t get involved in things like San Antonio Beer Week solely to party with the community. These are very serious matters to me and I am definitely all business. 

Alright, maybe not always. When I had the opportunity to combine all of my passion projects into one big event, you’re damn right I jumped at the opportunity. Who doesn’t like a good time? 

Our friends at Paper Tiger were kind enough to open their doors to SA Beer Magazine so that we could host the San Antonio Beer Week 2019 Midweek Party. Clunky title notwithstanding, this was the highlight of the week and obviously the coolest event in the history of San Antonio Beer Week (maybe even San Antonio?). Maybe I am just a bit biased, but it’s probably true. This free event was one to remember and featured a slew of local breweries, a unique menu put together by Fantom Kitchen, and an electric lineup of bands for the evening.

Doors opened at 6pm and the courtyard quickly flooded with attendees that were looking for the most educational, curated, and proper beer event of their lives. 

Just kidding. They were there to party! As the bands began to perform, the crowd surrounded the stage with beers in one hand a BBQ plate in the other. Could there have been a better way to spend the night?

(Answer: Yes—next year’s party.)