Tavour Tasting

Words: Harrison Civick
Photos: JoMando Cruz

We at SA Beer Magazine are fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful local beer at almost any given moment. Whether it be through covering events, visiting breweries, gathering content for upcoming issues, or just kicking back with a few drinks in a taproom with friends, we feel at this point there are few that know our community’s offerings more than us. Admittedly, we do occasionally cheat on the local options to explore what else is out there. This world is too big and has too many great breweries to not try as many of them as possible. I mean, we wouldn’t expect you to only read our beer magazine when there are so many else out there, so why would you expect us to only drink local beer? 

How we go about hunting down all of those beers is where it gets tricky. Distribution laws in Texas aren’t exactly perfect (see our article on the tiered system in Issue 9) and it’s difficult for consumers to have access to every brewery in the world when shelf space is so limited. Luckily our friends at Tavour help bridge that gap and allow you to have craft beer from all over the world delivered straight to your door. That New England Hazy IPA that’s been just out of reach has suddenly become a whole lot easier to acquire. Tavour was kind enough to donate a few beers from around the country to show us what their service is all about and to remind us of how much more is out there. 

I had forgotten that feeling of coming home to beer mail at the front door—that butterfly-in-your-stomach feeling as you unpack your bounty and decide what to drink first and what to save. And don’t forget about that social media flex of posting your beer haul for all your friends and followers to envy, the comments suddenly suggesting a bottleshare be arranged (and soon). That Tavour box prompted all of the above, so I decided to crack a beer. Well, I decided to crack a few. Seeing as I’m not a savage beast I called up JoMando, our editor in chief and photographer, and invited him over so we could dive in. The box was primarily made up of IPA’s so obviously I couldn’t sit on them forever. They were meant to be enjoyed fresh! The lineup for the evening was Beta Experimental IPA from Common Roots Brewing Co., Silent Treatment from Gun Hill Brewing Co., Cherry Angelina from Brewery Vivant, and Lush from Frost Beer Works. Let’s get into it.

First up was the Beta Experimental IPA from Common Roots Brewing Co. out of South Glens Falls, NY. This beer is part of their rotating IPA series where each batch uses different hops, ingredients, and techniques to continuously develop the IPA. Upon pouring we found an opaque, golden color with a clean white head. This specific can was made with Citra, Galaxy, and El Dorado hops, which led to a huge amount of pineapple, citrus, and lychee flavor. A great one to start with for sure, but then again, there wasn’t a wrong one. I’d like to note that Common Roots Brewing Co. recently suffered from a terrible fire and we wish them the best of luck during their rebuild.

Second was Silent Treatment, an American IPA from Hun Hill Brewing Co. out of The Bronx, NY. Pouring a muddled orange color with a lofty white head, it was clear—or should I say, wasn’t clear—that we were finding a pattern in our IPA tasting. There was going to be a lot of haze. The Citra hops definitely imparted a heavy papaya, mango, and citrus flavor. I liked the balance between the malt sweetness and juicy portion of the beer.

We changed things up a bit with our third beer. I mean, we couldn’t just drink IPAs all night. Cherry Angelina, an American Wild Ale from Brewery Vivant in Grand Rapids, MI, is the wild ale that I wish I could share with everyone from the newbies in the beer scene to the veterans with thousands of Untappd check-ins. Filling the glass with a glowing red color, I could instantly tell this one was special. As the very name indicated, the cherries were the highlight of this beer followed by a tasteful funkiness, green apple flavors, and an oaky finish. Can I have 20 more bottles of this?

Time for number four, and our third IPA. I’d heard that Lush, from Frost Beer Works in Hinesburg, VT, was a killer example of a New England-style IPA and I can definitely agree after trying it. This was definitely the cloudiest one we sampled and tangibly lived up to its name. Juicy, floral, creamy, and a bunch of fruit throughout, it was truly pleasant to drink. Physically pleasant. Bonus points for having such a cool can, too!

Needless to say, we had a wonderful time going through all of these beers. It made our regular SA Beer Magazine meeting/think session that much more enjoyable. This is just part 1 in an ongoing series with our friends at Tavour—we have more beers to review from our initial box! Check back soon to see what other goodies you could have your hands on by becoming a member today. We certainly look forward to more boxes from Tavour being dropped at our front door in the near future. 

We implore you all to visit their website (www.tavour.com) and become a member today. Share your box with friends, hoard the bottles in your cellar, or drink them all yourself. The possibilities are, like their selection, endless.