Tavour Tasting II


Words: Harrison Civick

Photos: JoMando Cruz

You’ve been planning a trip to that brewery for years. You’ve been lurking the trade forums trying to find someone to post a bottle from that brewery that you’ve been wanting. You’re hoping for that brewery to start distributing to your area. You’re waiting, you’re patient, and they say that good things come to those that wait. 


I say that good things come to those who take action. Consider Tavour to be that action. SA Beer Magazine is proud to partner with a company that quickly brings the best beer straight to your doorstep and eliminates that long wait.

Recently the magazine team posted up at one of our local haunts and got to break into yet another box of goodies from our friends at Tavour. With a selection ranging from a flavorful pecan ale, a mouth-puckering kriek, and a heavy-hitting bourbon barrel-aged stout with coffee, we had nearly all of our style bases covered. It’s always wonderful to break up our typical local options with some truly unique, hard-to-find beers that always inspire us to seek still more out of the beer world around us.


And because we always have a camera (or several) around, here’s a look at our afternoon spent sipping, sharing, and storytelling.

We implore you all to visit their website (www.tavour.com) and become a member today. Share your box with friends, hoard the bottles in your cellar, or drink them all yourself. The possibilities are, like their selection, endless.